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You should find on this site essential information on our activities in the Mayenne Department. If you happen to be passing through the area, you will be welcome to visit or contact us.



FM Repeaters & Beacons -  Repeaters

The following Repeaters can be received in our area:


R4 Repeater Callsign: FZ3THF, located at Mont des Avaloirs (53), IN98XK  Rx:145,700 MHz, Tx: 145,100 MHz +1750 Hz

UHF DMR Repeater, Callsign F1ZJZ, located in Laval (53), IN98OB, Rx:430,2625 MHz, Tx:439,6625 MHz

R8B Repeater Callsign: FZ2VHB, located near Caen City (14) ,IN99   Rx:145,325 MHz  Tx:144,725 MHz + 1750 Hz

R3 Repeater Callsign: FZ3VHC, located near Rennes City (35), IN88VA   Rx: 145,675 MHz  Tx:145,075 MHz + 1750 Hz

R7 Repeater Callsign: FZ3VHB, located at  Mont des Alouettes (85), IN96LV  Rx:145,775 MHz  Tx:145,175 MHz + 1750 Hz

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